This Bondi Hipsters Video Will Put You Off Having That Second Coffee

Soooo relatable.

Have you ever experienced second coffee regret? That feeling when you go from being awesome to a tiny ball of anxious energy, all from that one coffee you did NOT need?

Look, it happens to the best of us, but coffee regret is a real thing and Bondi Hipsters have hilariously summed up what happens when you go past your caffeine limit in a Facebook video posted to their page.

The video made in collaboration with cartoonist Michael Cusack, charts a man going from being on top of the world to anxious and paranoid, all from one to many cheeky caffeine hits.

"I had a second coffee and it's giving me anxiety. I sense a distant cloud of apprehension and uncertainty. I cannot put my finger on the problem that is plaguing me," the cartoon man says in the clip.

Let's face it most of us can TOTALLY get where he's coming from.