'Beached Az' Whale Has Returned To Farewell John Key, Bro

"You said that you were leaving, that you had nothing left in the tank."

The 'Beached Az' whale has made a comeback to farewell New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, after disappearing from our screens for well over a year.

The whale is joined by his seagull friend to sing their own version of Elton John's 'Candle In The Wind' but they've addressed it to Key as 'Jandle On The Fin'.

The video was posted to their Facebook page, the post reads "Goodbye John Key... It's time for a 'Key Change'" and has now been viewed over 41,000 times and shared over 400.

"It seems to me you lived your life, like a jandle on the fin. Really shut at going backwards, that's why the All Blacks always win," the seagull sings.

"I would have like to have known you but now you have resigned. Your jandles wore out long before, you chose my flag design."

The 'Beached Az' whale first appeared in our lives in 2008, starting as a $16 online cartoon that eventually turned into an ABC television show.