13/12/2016 11:26 PM AEDT

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Are In A League Of Their Own When It Comes To Insults

Things got mean real fast when Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence began trading insults on a national radio show in the United Kingdom.

The “Passengers” co-stars didn’t hold back when playing “Playground Insults” on BBC Radio One’s “Scott Mills” show.

Both Hollywood stars lobbed out personal barbs as they tried to win the game by making their rival crease up with laughter in the clip, which Radio One posted to YouTube Monday.

But it was up to Pratt to deliver the killer blow with a NSFW taunt regarding the sex scene they filmed for the movie.

“That was the darkest one yet, by far,” show host Mills said following the conclusion of the game. 

Check out the full clip above.