15/12/2016 9:59 AM AEDT | Updated 15/12/2016 3:13 PM AEDT

The Best Three Series Of 2016 As Ranked By The AV Club Editors

The American pop culture experts will be in Sydney this weekend for Bingefest.

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Binge and chill.

It's been an exciting, almost overwhelming year in television thanks to quality show after quality show materialising from the dark glow of our laptop and enlightening our lives for the better.

From The Crown to Stranger Things it's hard to imagine a time before party animal Prince Philip or the horrifying disappearance of everyone's favourite, Barb.

There were also plenty of other shows that didn't get quite as much attention, but are equally deserving of your precious binge hours. And who better to provide intel on such content than the authority on all things pop culture, The AV Club editors, who will be in Sydney this weekend for Bingefest.

Ahead, three series you can easily squeeze into your holiday break, without becoming a total recluse. It's Christmas, after all.

1. Atlanta


The new series created by and starring Donald Glover (also known as rapper Childish Gambino) tells the story of two cousins navigating their way through Atlanta's hip hop scene. "[Atlanta] is telling stories no other show is telling with a look, feel, and sense of humor that feels completely new to TV," Erik Adams of The AV Club told The Huffington Post Australia.

2. The Americans


The fourth season dropped mid-way through this year, taking us back to suburbia Washington DC circa mid-80s where Russian spies pose as integrated Americans. "It's TV's best drama for four years running and a Cold War spy thriller that gained a renewed relevance in recent weeks," Adams said.

3. Better Call Saul


It's the the prequel to mega hit Breaking Bad, set six years before Saul Goodman became Walter White's lawyer. "An origin story whose slow burn and compelling performances make it worth waiting to see Jimmy McGill's Albuquerque become Walter White's," Adams said.

Erik Adams, Laura M. Browning and Alex McCown-Levy from The AV Club will be in Sydney this week for BINGEFEST at the Sydney Opera House. Tickets are still available for $20 to "All The TV You Should Have Watched By Now" in the Joan Sutherland Theatre on Sunday 18 December, 7pm. For more information, head to bingefest.sydneyoperahouse.com.