17/12/2016 7:39 PM AEDT | Updated 18/12/2016 1:27 PM AEDT

Aussie Grommet Recruits Global Audience On Quest For More Doughnuts

Ellen DeGeneres seemed lost for words during an interview with Sabre Norris.


She did it. Young Australian surfer Sabre Norris has officially accrued international fandom. But how did she do it? With an earnest love for doughnuts.

Norris was invited on the Ellen show, a hallmark for any upcoming global icon. But DeGeneres' produces may not have adequately prepared the host for Sabre's personality.

In-fact, her unbridled enthusiasm seemed to silence DeGeneres. And that's quite a feat if you think about it. Sabre's excitement floored the women who literally dances during the introduction of her talk show.

The 11 year old first caught our attention when she won the wildcard entry into the Sydney International Pro women's surfing comp. During an interview with Channel Nine's Today Show, Karl Stefanovic lost it when Norris announced she would spend $250 prize money on doughnuts.

Who knew a love for doughnuts and buffets could earn global stardom? Whether this young surfer becomes a comedian or a surfer, she is a national treasure.