Drunk Man Jumps In Newtown Fire Truck Thinking It's A Bus And Passes Out

And we bet he had a killer hangover.

The legends at Newtown Fire Station, known for their incredibly 'punny' signs, had an interesting weekend after a party-goer climbed into their fire truck thinking it was a bus.

They took to Facebook to share a photo of the sleeping suspect and explain how the random guy ended up riding shotgun after what we can assume was a few too many beverages.

"You may get loose but there is nothing like getting 'Newtown loose'! This legend thought the fire truck was the bus. He jumped in and then fell asleep," the post said.

The hashtags are equally hilarious such as #airbnb, #firebus and #betterthanapolicecar. These guys sure can write a killer social media post -- it's been liked around 2,000 times.

You've probably heard of the Newtown Fire Station before thanks to their witty signs outside the station which have attracted national media coverage.

They don't just use them to be cheeky but also to get behind important causes ranging from fire safety to mental health awareness.