Viewers Find Hilarious Plot Holes While Watching Home Alone

"Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal."
NOW it feels a lot like Christmas.
NOW it feels a lot like Christmas.

Is Christmas really Christmas if you haven't watched Home Alone yet? Of course it isn't.

When Home Alone aired in Australia on Sunday night, people started to notice a few plot holes in the Christmas classic and decided to tweet about it.

You can certainly see how this came about, as most fans have speculated before just how plausible it is that the McCallister's could forget their kid for so long (or at all for that matter).

When the movie aired just in time for Christmas, people hilariously took to Twitter to ask some pretty obvious questions about the legitimacy of the story line.

"Is anyone watching #HomeAlone? I came in halfway through. Why hasn't he called the police?" one Twitter user wrote.