20/12/2016 1:23 PM AEDT | Updated 20/12/2016 9:17 PM AEDT

All The Times Kangaroos Ruled The Internet In 2016

What roo talking about?

Let's be real here, kangaroos are awesome. They are a national treasure, a forced to be reckoned with, an Australian institution and weirdly enough, they absolutely rule the internet.

Just in 2016, they've handed out cuddles, jumped through floods and hung out in caravans. Why, you ask? Because that's what Aussies do and what's more Aussie than a kangaroo?

Here's all of the awesome stuff roos got up to in 2016. Think of it as the year in review of the bloody brilliant animal, the kangaroo.

1. They hopped their way to safety.

2. They popped their head out to say g'day at Symbio Wildlife Park.

3. They were saved by humans.

5. They were immortalised in a mural in Melbourne.

8. They broke into a couple's house and hopped into bed with them (yes really?!)

9. They played with sloths.

10. They proved they can make excellent pets.

In all the darkness that 2016 brought, thank god for kangaroos.