20/12/2016 5:41 AM AEDT

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Want To Do A Superhero Movie

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In these days of blockbuster Frankenstein-monsters ― where all it seemingly takes to get a multimillion dollar budget approved is to pitch a rehashed version of previously popular ideas and attaching beloved stars ― it all but seems inevitable you’ll soon see a superhero movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Speaking to MTV, Lawrence said that she would be willing to reprise her quite blue “X-Men” role of Mystique if she was able to do so in Chris Pratt’s Marvel superhero movie series, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

“I won’t be Mystique in the ‘X-Men’ movies, but I’d love to be Mystique in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,” Lawrence told MTV. Pratt then joked, “This is a binding legal contract.”

As The A.V. Club points out, though, this crossover is “extremely unlikely” because of the existing movie rights attached to both properties. But if two of the biggest American stars are willing to be in a superhero movie together, surely that money could be found somewhere. 

This interview took place to promote Lawrence and Pratt’s new movie, “Passengers,” which by most accounts is not good. The film currently has a 31% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Could it be that both stars expressed interest in doing a superhero movie together to drum up publicity for the lackluster movie they already created?

If only someone would ask if they’d be willing to do a crossover with their more interesting characters — Pratt’s Andy Dwyer from “Parks and Recreation” and Lawrence’s Tiffany from “Silver Linings Playbook” could potentially get along beautifully. 

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