20/12/2016 8:44 AM AEDT | Updated 20/12/2016 1:55 PM AEDT

New South Wales Government Has Managed To Make Sydney Daggier Than Ever

Welcome to Mike Baird's Sydney.

If the New South Wales Government wanted to depict Sydney as the daggiest city ever, they've done a bloody great job at it in a new video asking people to #liveituplocally.

The video released by Transport for NSW is part of the state government's campaign to encourage people to get out and embrace the city, somehow it does the exact opposite.

The clip sees singer/dancer Jayden Rodrigues and his two mates travel to Chinatown, indulge at Event Cinemas and sing in an empty karaoke bar, amongst other things.

Look Sydney undoubtedly has a lot of unique things to offer, going to Event Cinemas on George Street and getting some overpriced popcorn? Probably not one of them.

"One of my favourite ways to chill in summer is going to the movies. So we head out to Event Cinemas on George Street to beat the heat with the newest releases and heaps of sessions to choose from," Rodrigues explains as he narrates the video.

"The hardest call to make was to get one choc top or two," he explains. Come on Rodrigues, live a little.

The group visit a virtual reality experience, which leaves us scratching our heads at how Transport for NSW could not see the implication that you need escapism to enjoy the city.

The advertisement that's attracted a myriad of criticism is yet another affirmation of how out of touch the NSW Government is with young people in the city.

The 2014 lockout laws were brought in to curb alcohol fuelled violence and have been wildly criticised as having ruined Sydney's nightlife.

"The reality is, Sydney nightlife IS suffering, and a one-sided, heavily scripted video isn't going to fix that," one user wrote on Facebook.

The gang also head over to Market City, I don't know about you but we're not sure any tour of the NSW capital should include Market City.

"To take the night to another level, we headed over to Market City," is a statement that should only be followed with the term, "said no one ever".

The gang is there to hit up the arcade and to sneak in some time playing their favourite game 'Dance Dance Revolution' which we're pretty sure no one plays after the age of 12.

"The city is buzzing this summer, with so many ways to spin your night. There is something for everyone," Rodrigues adds.

For now, maybe NSW could take a leaf out South Australia's book and learn to focus on a Sydney that more than a 12-year-old boy would like.

SA's advertisement for the Barossa Valley using Nick Cave's music, and Kangaroo Island's advertisement set to a song by Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder, remind us all there is at least some part of Australia that still knows know to be cool.

What happened to you, Sydney.