The Beauty Questions You (And Everyone Else) Asked Google This Year

Turns out you're not alone in the blackhead war.
Internet or Beauty School?
Internet or Beauty School?

If you felt like your entire beauty knowledge was thrown out the window and sucked inside a glitter encrusted vacuum this year, you're not alone.

From unicorn hair, block liner and chrome nails, beauty in 2016 was not for the faint-hearted. And while the Gigis, Kylies and Beys of the world have a posse of makeup artists on hand at any given moment of the day, the rest of us mortals have Google.

The search engine has become the go-to spot for solving our makeup problems, no thanks to the black hole of beauty bloggers gods serving up helpful tips on the regular.

So what were the top five questions asked by you and likely everyone you know in 2016? Scroll down to find out and click through for the answers.

1. How to braid hair

Try a 5-strand braid or channel your inner mermaid with an understated fishtail braid.

2. How to get rid of blackheads

Put the tweezers down, step away from the mirror and follow the advice of a skin expert.

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3. How to clean makeup brushes

Germs, dirt and bacteria getting trapped between the bristles of our brushes isn't exactly a new thing, though you'd be forgiven if it falls by the wayside from time to time. Here's a reminder on how to keep your brush kit sparkling clean.

4. How to remove acrylic nails

Your best bet? Head to the nail salon and have them removed professionally. You might also want to read up on why you should reconsider this form of manicure.

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5. How to grow your hair fast

Follow these six steps and you'll put Repunzel to shame.