22/12/2016 10:29 AM AEDT

Rapper Who Freestyles While Bathing His Cat Knows How To Multi-Task

Giving a cat a bath is possibly one of the most challenging things a pet owner can do.

Now try doing a freestyle rap while you scrub down Mittens. Not so easy, is it?

But that’s the incredible bit of multi-tasking that one cat-loving rapper has managed to execute.

Dwayne Molock of Portland, Oregon, raps mostly about felines under the name “Moshow.” 

Moshow’s most recent rap, “Cat Bath Rap,” came about spontaneously while bathing his cat, Ravioli. The lyrics include “Like like like rub a dub dub, gotta give, gotta give my cat a scrub” and “I’m sorry/ Gotta keep you clean. Hey Ravioli/Don’t treat me mean.”

OK, Kendrick Lamar isn’t exactly quaking in his Reeboks, but you come up with something better while trying to bathe a cat. Though, to be fair, Ravioli doesn’t seem to be putting up a cat fight ― he just seems slightly irritated.

Dwayne Molock, aka Moshow, raps mostly about cats.

Moshow has four cats and insisted on his Facebook post that he’s required to bathe Ravioli. Actually, he had Ravioli do the talking.

“Before a lot of people start giving my dad a HARD TIME. He HAS TO GIVE ME A BATH. I’m a SPECIAL BREED OF CAT that requires it! ❤ please be nice. Happy CATURDAY EVERYONE!”

So far, “Cat Bath Rap” is making a big splash on Facebook, getting 1 million video views since Moshow posted it Dec. 17.

Moshow isn’t just using a cat for some quick viral glory. As his YouTube page demonstrates, Moshow written many other cat compositions, including “Cat World,” with lyrics like “I’m chilling in a cat world/ I got cats in my house man/ cats on the floor.”