20/12/2016 10:34 PM AEDT

Pinterest Reveals Which Foods Will Be Trendy In 2017

Who knew jackfruit was having such a moment?

vm2002 via Getty Images
Ripe Jackfruit slices on wooden background, selective focus

If you’re searching for recipe inspiration, there’s no need to look any further than Pinterest. With over 13 billion food pins, this social media company is a food lover’s goldmine. It’s the number one reason people turn to the site, according to Pinterest itself.

The company recently released its Pinterest 100 list, their official trend report for 2017. A look at the 10 most popular pinned food topics from that list revealed some very interesting trends to look forward to in the new year. Who knew jackfruit was having such a moment?

And that’s not the only one that surprised us. Read on to see the 10 food trends to look forward to in 2017:

  • 1 Jackfruit
    Jackfruit is a popular vegetarian substitute for pulled pork, thanks to its texture and mild taste, and is amazing served on top of nachos.
  • 2 Sous Vide
    It looks like 2016 saw the transformation of sous vide from high-end chef technique to a more approachable home cooking method. It's about time, too.
  • 3 Veggie Chips
    Health food continues to gain appeal, but the lure of chips will never fade away.
  • 4 Buddha Bowls
    This really was a big year for Buddha bowls.
  • 5 Octopus
  • 6 Craft Beers
    Particularly sour beers, which are just right on a hot summer day.
  • 7 Empanadas
    Viva las empanadas!
  • 8 Naan
    Who knew?
  • 9 Sauerkraut
    Move aside, kimchi.
  • 10 Grapeseed Oil
    Grapeseed is cheaper than olive oil, plus it has a higher smoke point. Smart choice.

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