22/12/2016 7:40 AM AEDT | Updated 22/12/2016 9:03 AM AEDT

Watch This Panda Rumble With A Snowman And Win

Playing in a winter wonderland.

A panda at Toronto Zoo has rumbled with a snowman this week and the results were ridiculously cute. The keepers at the zoo made a snowman for Da Mao, the giant panda, for 'enrichment'. And wow does she love her new toy.

The zoo released a video of Da Mao's antics on YouTube for the world to see. The playful panda manages to climb on top of the snowman before falling off and bringing the head with it. It's three minutes of rough and tumble as Da Mao loves her snowy playmate to death. Check out the cute video below:

Da Mao lives at Toronto Zoo with her partner Er Shun. The pair came from China in 2013 and are set to stay in Toronto until spring 2018.

Da Mao gave birth to twins last year, named Jian Panpan -- meaning "Canadian Hope" -- and Jia Yueyue -- "Canadian Joy." They seem to love the snow just as much as mum in this video from December 12:

The pandas are a major draw card for the zoo but if you can't make it in person, there's always the Panda Cam -- a live stream of their activities at any moment. Enjoy!