23/12/2016 2:08 PM AEDT | Updated 24/12/2016 6:03 PM AEDT

BBQ Or Oven Lunch? Your Christmas Weather Forecast Is Right Here

Oh, and save a prawn for us. Cheers.

Anne Clark
Santa Claus is coming... to brown.

There will be weather on Christmas Day. This much we can guarantee you. But what will it be? Here's our best guess, based on the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts and, y'know, the vibe.

Actually, first of all, here's a rundown on some of the more extreme weather around the country which you might like to know about:

There's a bit of a heatwave coming for the eastern states, especially SA and VIC. Details here.

There are also one or two great big tropical low pressure systems in the vicinity of NW Western Australia. One's a tropical low (a big rainy thing but without the winds of a cyclone), the other is Tropical Cyclone Yvette. It's currently only a category 1, and may reach category 2 status as it nears the WA coast on or just after Christmas. We'll know more then.
The blob over the WA coastline is the low. The one further out to sea is TC Yvette.

OK, so now for the cities.

SYDNEY: Not a bad day at all, especially near the coast. Inland there may be an arvo storm, but Christmas day looks nice with top temperatures of 25-27 across the metropolitan area.

Verdict: BBQ, but don't leave it too late.

MELBOURNE: Hot and bloody beautiful, and almost-but-not-quite too hot, just like an Aussie Christmas should be. Tops of 35 around town, though a few degrees cooler in the bayside suburbs

Verdict: BBQ. That is all.

BRISBANE: A hot and sticky one, but what else would you expect? Tops of around 28 in most suburbs with a chance of a shower here or there but nothing as dramatic as the city has seen recently.

Verdict: BBQ. Go on, defy those weather gods.

CANBERRA: Possibly the pick of the capitals, with a beautiful top temp of 32. Slight chance of a shower in the arvo, but that'll just make the backyard cricket game a whole lot more fun.

Verdict: BBQ, but don't leave it too late.

ADELAIDE: A scorcher. In fact, there's word that Adelaide will be the hottest city in the world this Christmas Day. Tops of 40 around the city and low-to-mid 30s in the hills.

Verdict: Oven. You could just about roast a turkey in the hot sun, but best use the indoors oven with the aircon on, and stay out of the sun.

Getty Images
It'll be good weather for hiding under the Glenelg jetty

HOBART: A really warm and lovely Christmas Day in store, with tops of 29. There's cooler weather coming midweek, so get out there and enjoy it.

Verdict: BBQ. And save us a snag.

PERTH: Christmas Day will be 33, sunny and perfect. As Perth usually is. The Fremantle doctor will kick in during the early arvo and cool things down. Gotta love Perth.

Verdict: BBQ. Followed by a BBQ dinner. And what the heck, Boxing Day BBQ brekky.

DARWIN: It'll be 33 with the chance of a storm, which is like saying there'll be crocs in the rivers and people wearing thongs everywhere. Anyway, we still thought you'd like to know.

Verdict: Cold lunch.