Kick Butt In 2017 With These Must-Follow Diet And Fitness Tips

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Let's face it, 2016 was a crummy year. But now is not the time to ruminate on the negative, nor the past -- let's focus on a new year which, by power of deduction, will be a good year. It must.

Although we can't control many things happening in the world, two things we can control and make better are our diet and health.

To start the year fresh, here are 11 diet, fitness and nutrition tips to follow in 2017.

1. Take the first step

The hardest part about getting on the health train is the first step. What about those tempting doughnuts, Nutella and chocolate? The key is taking small steps.

This is why it's so hard to get on the wagon (and what you can do to make healthy habits stick). If you do fall off, don't worry. Here's how to get back on and avoid junk food temptations.

You've got this.
You've got this.

2. Avoid fad diets

No matter how many friends and personal trainers tell you otherwise, fad diets don't work. The Blue Zones Diet, which is easy, sustainable and scientifically backed, is an exception.

3. Eat delicious, healthy food

For breakfast, try overnight oats, granola and smoothie bowls. For snacks, give these 12 healthy afternoon snacks a go, as well as these healthy muesli bars. If you can, get into the habit of (easy) meal prep and don't forget to eat your veggies -- here are simple ways to eat more (even if you hate them).

Eat the rainbow.
Eat the rainbow.

4. Get moving

It doesn't matter if you haven't signed up to the gym -- you can workout in your very own home and still get great results.

Try these arm exercises (no equipment required) and lower body and ab exercises. If you've just eaten your weight in doughnuts (worth it) and you're feeling uncomfortably full or bloated, try these 10 yoga poses.

5. Try going caffeine free

Want to give up caffeine? To help you wean off the coffee (and help keep the coffee headaches, mood swings and lethargy at bay), you need to be organised.

Small changes add up to big ones.
Small changes add up to big ones.

6. Copy what extremely healthy people do every day

When your diet and fitness motivation is lacking, take inspiration from what other people are doing (and succeeding at). Here are six things super healthy people do every day.

7. Choose non-bloating booze

If you're drinking, here are the least bloating alcoholic drinks, because nothing ruins your night like feeling frumpy.

8. To get the best lower body results, pay attention to your hips

Got an office job where you sit down for most of the day? Sitting down causes our hips to become super tight while also shortening the hip flexors, which can be detrimental to your training.

Here's how to 'switch on' your lower body before a workout to get the best results.

Don't forget to take you-time.
Don't forget to take you-time.

9. Avoid plateauing

If you find you are plateauing or not seeing results in the gym, you might be going too hard too quickly, not eating enough or not switching up your routine enough. Here are six reasons you're not losing weight, and a simple solution to follow.

10. Take control of your stress (and bad mood)

Stressed or sleep deprived? Take control and book a 10-minute date with nature. It's also worth keeping in mind that your diet and mental health are linked, so focus on eating well.

If you're in a bad mood, here are six things to do right now that are just as good as sex. And if stress eating is a big problem for you, here's what you can do about it.

11. Treat yourself occasionally

With all the hard work you do, it's important to treat yourself. In fact, it can actually help you to have a balanced diet and form a positive relationship with food.