23/12/2016 7:00 AM AEDT | Updated 23/12/2016 7:05 AM AEDT

MP Andrew Leigh's Genius Christmas Card Pokes Fun At His Grumpy Son

Andrew Leigh / David Foote/ Handout

Frostiness has never been so cute.

A politician in Australia and his family have created the perfect Christmas card thanks to the adorable antics of their son.

Lots of children get salty when they have to take a few minutes out of their very busy being-freakin'-kids schedules to pose for a family photo. But Zachary, the then-3-year-old son of Australian politician Andrew Leigh, let his inner Grinch fly free last year when his family posed for this hilarious Christmas card:

David Foote
The youngest son of Australian politician Andrew Leigh did not look pleased to be in this photo last year.

Making the best out of a bad situation, Leigh posted the photo online, where people fell in love with the world's tiniest Scrooge.

"We had a photo shoot which of course involved everyone standing still and looking in the same direction," Leigh told The Canberra Times. "Zachary decided, not unreasonably, that was fun for a bit but he wanted to go and do something else and he was a little put out when the rest of the family didn't want to play."

This year the family decided that when the world gives you a lemon-y son, make fun of him, which they certainly do in their fantastic 2016 card.

"You might remember last year my family Christmas card got a bit of extra attention due to a star turn from my youngest, Zachary," Leigh wrote on Facebook. "We were never going to top that ― but we wanted to pay homage to Zachary's work from last year, so we all had a go at our own toddler pout."

Courtesy of Andrew Leigh
The Leigh family displays their best toddler pouts in the 2016 card.

What a gift!

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