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The Best Mascaras For Long, Full, Dark Eyelashes

A cult favourite has to be locked away due to theft.

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If only we all had an expert makeup artist to put it on for us.

It's kinda strange when you consider it. Who was the first person who thought "hey, I'd like my eyelashes to look longer and darker, so I'll put black stuff right near my eye"?

In fact, that black stuff was first kohl, used by the Egyptians to darken eyelashes and brows. Fast forward a few centuries and cosmetic pioneer Eugene Rimmel, of the mass brand we know today, invented the first mascara in 1835.

Almost 200 years later, women are more obsessed with emphasising their lashes than ever. In 2014, Ardell sold over 15 million dollars worth of false eyelashes in the U.S alone. Eyelash extensions -- a relatively new treatment which involves silk or synthetic individual lashes glued one-by-one onto the base of your own -- is also very popular.

If fake lashes or lash extensions are a bit much for you, there's good news. Mascara formulas are better than ever before, meaning you can almost get the look of falsies without the extra effort (and cost).

Here, a roundup of the best and most popular mascaras on the market.

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, $33

This mascara, sold exclusively through MECCA in Australia, has to be locked up and only accessed when asked for my customers, due to such high theft numbers. The name 'Better Than Sex' makes a big claim but, it has the goods to back it up.

Model.Co Lash Xtend Tubing Mascara, $22

Loved by a fair amount of beauty YouTubers, this mascara gives lashes a crazy amout of extra length. Better yet, it's a tubing formula, meaning it removes from each lash in individual tubes when you wipe or wash it off. No more panda eyes.

Rimmel London Super Curler Mascara, $17.95

Unless you're born with naturally upturned lashes (lucky you!), you might need some help in the curl department. This clever tube features a formula that pushes lashes up, and they actually stay that way until you take the mascara off (or 24 hours -- whichever comes first).

TIP: Teeny tiny mites live on your lashes (we know!) and although harmless, they feed off sebum (oil). For that reason make sure you cleanse away any eye makeup, including mascara, thoroughly each night before bed.

Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara, $25.95

This guy has been around for ages and constantly sells out for good reason. It gives lashes a rich, black coating (though also comes in a brown variant) with perfect length and separation. The rubber wand makes it easy to target baby lashes, too.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Black Serum mascara, $23

A hydrating serum infused into the formula nourishes and protects eyelashes from drying out as you wear it. Lashes will be softer with continued use, and the finish when wearing is a rich, glossy black. It's a 2 for 1 deal, really.

Dior Show Mascara, $55

Spending over 50 bucks is a big ask for a product that should be turfed after three months or so, but it's worth it in this case. Another favourite to stand the test of time, this mascara isn't new but it always on the best sellers list. The plush brush distributes the formula really evenly, so no clumps -- even after a few coats.

TIP: If you want even longer lashes without mascara, try a lash-growth serum. It's a clear liquid applied at the base of the lash each day, kind of like liquid eyeliner, which promotes hair growth. Use it diligently and you'll have noticeably longer lashes after six weeks.

Lancome Hypnose mascara, $29.99

The thin, spindly brush head lets you get right into the root, while the volumising formula plumps up each lash. The end result is a fan-like effect. A great all rounder if you want darker, longer and fatter lashes.

Benefit They're Real Mascara, $42

Benefit's best selling mascara is called They're Real! because it legit makes you look like you're wearing falsies. Interesting, the brush only has very tiny, short bristles. Place is at the base of your lashes and zig-zag it sideways as you pull it through to the ends and you'll have mega lashes at the end, promise.

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