Check Out These Crazy Jobs That Actually Used To Exist

Anyone want to be paid to dig up dead bodies? Or collect leeches?
This is what a Plague doctor actually looked like.
This is what a Plague doctor actually looked like.

Imagine jumping on to scout around for a new job and coming across a job for a leech catcher. Where do we sign up?!

Seriously though, that used to be a legit gig back in the 1840s. Leeches were used to cure pretty much any ailment, so they needed folk to go catch the slippery little suckers. Ah, no thanks.

And you wouldn't see this job advertised on the internet because it was way before electricity -- a Lamplighter would walk around the streets at dusk and physically light each gas lamppost -- and then pray for no wind.

More recently, like, in the 1900s, there was a job called a Computer. It was a human, mostly women, whose job it was to use a calculator to work out equations. Sounds riveting.

Check out other fun, cool and terrible jobs that used to exist in history:

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