26/12/2016 2:51 PM AEDT | Updated 27/12/2016 7:50 PM AEDT

Alcohol Banned On Sydney's Coogee Beach After Christmas Rave

The local council claims revellers left 15 tonnes of garbage.

Getty Images
Coogee Beach in its usual state.

Randwick City Council has banned alcohol on Coogee Beach for the entire summer period after an impromptu rave on Christmas Day. Locals were left infuriated after the beach in Sydney's east was left trashed by tourists.

The council claims revellers discarded "15 tonnes of garbage" during "disgraceful events" which included "a spate of alcohol-induced incidents from backpacker revellers". Following consultation with NSW Police the council implemented the ban which will affect all beachside parks around Coogee Beach.

Mayor of Randwick, Noel D'Souza, says the council has no other choice.

"The public outrage to the devastation of the parks and beach itself on Christmas Day has been quite phenomenal," he said.

"The clear message we've received is that we need to give the beach and nearby parks back to all people to enjoy peacefully and safely."

Video footage shows thousands of partygoers enjoying themselves at the popular beach in an unofficial event that looked more like a music festival than a Christmas celebration on Sunday.

Facebook user Charlie Gregory posted a video of the party at Coogee to his own page with the caption "Merry Christmas from Australia".

The clip shows thousands of people dancing and singing, many of them dressed in bikinis, board shorts and Santa hats.

Before the announcement, residents urged Randwick City Council to do something about the incident.

"Dear Randwick Council, something needs to be done about Coogee Beach and the ongoing backpacker taking over and destroying our environment," Alison Garratt wrote on Facebook.

"Locals can not enjoy the beach, can't take our kids for a walk with out dodging drunks. It's become unpleasant, dirty and dangerous."

"What a disgrace this is to see. I feel for you all at the RCC," Maroubra Community said on the Randwick City Council's Facebook page.

"The alcohol ban needs to extend to 24 hours around Coogee Beach," Gavin Fields exclaimed.

The council had imposed tighter restrictions for drinking alcohol in Coogee's beachside parks for Christmas Day 2016 -- limiting it to just four hours a day.

The council decided to change the alcohol restrictions in Goldstein Reserve and Dunningham Reserve from 8am-6pm to midday-4pm, Randwick City Council said on their website.