This Was The Most Googled Diet Of 2016

Aussies are searching everything vegan.
New year, new diet?
New year, new diet?

When we look back on a year of diet trends -- new and used -- 2016 has been confusing to say the least.

We've ridden the wave of Paleo controversies, gluten sensitivities and 5:2 diets -- and have reached the shoreline feeling slightly battered.

Amid all the rumble, what have we been googling this year?

According to data picked up from Google Trends, among vegan, paleo, sugar-free, gluten-free and 5:2 diets, Aussies are most interested in veganism in 2016.

'Gluten-free' took out second place, followed by 'paleo', with 'sugar-free' dieting surprisingly coming in last place.

Making the vegan switch is now far more commonplace.
Making the vegan switch is now far more commonplace.

Across the world, 'vegan' remains the most searched diet-related term in the last twelve months as messages against animal-based products continue to gain global prominence.

Back on a local stage, Melbourne's 'Match Mylkbar' has been all the rage...

As has boxer Nate Diaz's vegan switch. And the rest.

The top vegan-related queries in 2016 were:

  • Matcha mylkbar
  • Nate Diaz vegan
  • Vegan restaurants newtown
  • Vegan anzac biscuits
  • Vegan ramen