30/12/2016 3:35 PM AEDT | Updated 30/12/2016 3:37 PM AEDT

'Secret' Brisbane Screening For Divisive Men's Rights Doco The Red Pill

Organisers won't reveal the cinema "to save our host venue from harassment".

Ron Chapple studios
The Red Pill is a crowd-funded documentary exploring men's rights.

A Brisbane men's rights group will not reveal the screening location of controversial documentary The Red Pill out of fear they will be harassed.

Screenings of the Kickstarter-funded documentary have already been abandoned in Melbourne after a protest garnered more than 2000 signatures in October and in Sydney, a screening was cancelled in December.

The documentary explores how feminism is impacting society and interviews proponents of the men's rights movement including Paul Elam, known for offensive misogynistic rants on his website A Voice For Men.

Filmmaker Cassie Jaye does not question him on comments he's previously made including his assertion that sex robots will mean men won't have to engage with women, who are "yappy little dogs" that perpetuate rape culture because of their desire for 'bad boys'. And that was all in one post.

Critics have called the documentary "propagandist" and akin to the messages of banned men's activist Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh, who was not granted a Visa to Australia for a speaking arrangement in 2016.

Organising group Men's Rights Brisbane describe themselves as "answering toxic feminism" and wrote on their website that feminists would be welcome at the screening.

"Feminists are encouraged to attend as long as the rights of others to watch the film in peace are respected. Indeed, the presence of feminists at the Q&A is sure to make it a lively affair."

The Brisbane screening is planned for January 14 and will include a question and answer session with Elam. Ticket buyers will meet in the city and then be directed to the screening location.