These New Year's Cocktail Ideas Are More Than Just Champagne

And they'll cater for everyone.
Drink (responsibly) and be merry.
Drink (responsibly) and be merry.

Alas, the silly season continues.

As New Years Eve draws closer, you may be looking forward to a social do at yours -- on account of your perfectly located apartment with splendid vistas, or your general aversion to stepping outside the comfort of your own home (we're with you).

Despite said aversion, there's something to be said about popping a cork and celebrating new beginnings with your nearest and dearest.

And by popping a cork, we mean treating yourself to a couple of these crafty cocktails (or mocktails). They're much more than your usual glass of champers that, on its own, can often leave you feeling a little bloated (not an ideal way to bring on 2017). Plus, there's enough to suit any a crowd.

So put down your vintage bottle of Bolly, stack up on some party ingredients and get mixin'. (Whilst you're at it, have a read of our ways to enjoy yourself and stay healthy this silly season).

For a tiny extra touch

Okay, we know what we said about the ol' champers. If you're not one to stray far from what you love, however, a few additions can go a long way.

What you'll need:
Pomegranate seeds

Here's another. Watch that pomegranate fuse until your heart's content.

For something suave

It's called the French 75. And this will turn any social do into a stunning French soiree.

What you'll need:
Cognac (or gin)
Lemon juice
A simple syrup
Mix up the cognac, lemon juice and syrup in a cocktail shaker, top with champers and serve with a lemon twist.

For something that spells summer

There's a ritual at nightfall aside a canal in Venice. And it has something to do with uttering the word 'Spritz'. Over here in Oz, this Italian aperitif has taken off and has come to resemble a stunning summer drink in varying forms.

And why not? It's lightly alcoholic, refreshing and aromatic.

And it's super simple.

What you'll need (for an original Spritz):
3 parts Prosecco or dry white wine (if you're out of Prosecco)
2 parts Aperol
1 or 2 splashes ice-cold soda water
1 slice orange cut in half
Put a few ice cubes (no more than three or the Spritz will be watery) in a white wine glass or goblet. Add the Aperol and the Prosecco or white wine, a couple of splashes of soda water and the halved orange slice. Stir quickly.

For something champagne-free

Keen to steer clear of champers and hold the sugary cocktails? Vodka, gin and tequila on the rocks are all good places to start.

Add a touch of new year zing with this Grapefruit and Gin Fizz.

For something alcohol-free

Because sober does not equal boring. Even on New Year's Eve.
What you'll need:
Ginger ale
Sparkling grape juice
A handful of raspberries

You won't even know the difference.