02/01/2017 7:43 PM AEDT | Updated 04/01/2017 1:24 AM AEDT

Creationist Gets Into Weirdest Twitter Fight With Washington Post Over Dinosaurs

John Sommers II / Reuters
Creationist Ken Ham believes some dinosaurs sailed on Noah's Ark to survive the flood depicted in the Bible.

Creationist Ken Ham is steaming mad over a Washington Post article that claims his giant Noah’s Ark attraction teaches tourists that dinosaurs died in the biblical flood

Ham, who believes the Earth is about 6,000 years old, fired off several additional tweets directed at the Post over the story. 

Indeed, the Ark Encounter doesn’t claim all dinos died out during the flood. Rather, it features dinosaurs living in cages like the other animals. 

His organization has said most dinosaurs died in the flood, which it claims took place 4,300 years ago. 

“Those descended from the ones which got off the Ark eventually succumbed to the same sorts of pressures which cause extinction in animal populations today,” a 2011 blogpost said. 

Scientists agree almost universally that dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago, although researchers continue to study the specific causes. The American Museum of Natural History in New York notes that a comet or asteroid strike along with “massive volcanic eruptions and changing sea levels” all may have played a role. 

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