16 Inspiring Health And Fitness Quotes To Help You Stay On Track

"Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow."
Let's do this. One workout at a time.
Let's do this. One workout at a time.

By now you've already promised in 2017 to eat healthy (and not eat a block of chocolate every day), get into the best shape of your life and get organised.

Without trying to be a Negative Nancy, roughly eight percent of us will be successful in actually achieving our resolutions. A lot of that comes down to setting unrealistic goals (i.e. look like Adriana Lima), but it also comes down to lack of inspiration and motivation.

To help you on your way to a cracking year -- and not be that eight percent -- here are 16 inspiring health and fitness quotes.

The key things to remember are to focus on how you feel (not look), see exercise and a healthy diet as nourishment (not punishment) for your body, and to just bloody do it.