05/01/2017 1:05 PM AEDT | Updated 10/01/2017 12:57 PM AEDT

An American Musician is Trolling Kylie Jenner's Instagram Account

Some of the comments are funny, all of them are pretty weird.


They say you should never read the comments section on social media. Though, it's kinda hard to avoid the, um, unusual comments appearing on Kylie Jenner's Instagram posts over the past few days.

You see, Instagram's algorithm let's you see comments made by either people you follow, or accounts with a large amount of followers over regular randoms. That's why when you look at a photo you'll often notice a friend or celebrity's comment on that picture before you have to hit 'show more comments' for others.

So when Nicholas Megalis, an American musician with 140k followers and a verified account started commenting on Jenner's pictures a few days back, we spotted them.

Some are pretty funny, to be honest. They say things like 'Remember when we spent $180,000 on Spongebob diapers?" and "You left your beef jerky in my hamster's bookbag.", while others feaure the hashtag #grandmothergoals, as Megalis is claiming that Jenner is his grand mother.

While it's commonly thought that because someone is famous it's open slather, though in this case the relentlessness is kinda creepy. Megalis was made famous himself due to his videos on Vine, so perhaps due to the demise of Vine he's angling for more followers on a different platform?

Social media is weird.

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