04/01/2017 7:52 PM AEDT | Updated 04/01/2017 8:24 PM AEDT

One Nation's Malcolm Roberts Wants To Stop Kiwis 'Establishing Settlements' In Australia Following UN Vote

'This is why New Zealanders can't have nice things.'

Fairfax/Andrew Meares
One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has called for a tougher stance towards New Zealanders.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has called on the Australian government to support its "close ally" Israel and impose sanctions on New Zealanders living in Australia after the New Zealand government co-sponsored a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in Palestine.

Roberts urged the government to take steps towards the "world-wide targeting of the Jewish state" by imposing tougher immigration procedures for New Zealanders entering the country and cutting benefits for those who are already here, in a Facebook statement released on Wednesday.

"Australia should review immigration relaxations for New Zealanders entering Australia while the New Zealand government continues its hostile attitude towards Israel," the statement said.

"At the very least we should look at further cutting benefits for New Zealanders living in Australia. Perhaps a tougher immigration policy aimed towards New Zealand would stop Kiwis from establishing settlements in Australia."

Following New Zealand's co-sponsorship of the resolution, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said while Australia is not currently a member of the UN Security Council, the Coalition government most likely would have opposed the resolution to condemn Israeli settlements, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"In voting at the UN, the Coalition government has consistently not supported one-sided resolutions targeting Israel," she said in a statement released in December, instead advocating a two-state solution.

Malcolm Roberts, however, went much further, saying that Australia should refuse to support any future New Zealand bids for security council seats within the United Nations, stating: "This is why New Zealanders can't have nice things."

The move presents a strong clash with the official One Nation policy towards New Zealand, which calls for an overhaul of citizenship and government services in Australia so that New Zealanders like Russell Crowe can become Australian citizens legally.

"We believe Australians would open their hearts to our neighbours. Therefore, we are calling on the government to change the current laws," the policy statement reads.

Roberts' statement also took aim at US Secretary of State John Kerry for comments made regarding Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory, calling him a "lame duck" for issuing a harsh warning to Israel.

"Israel is the Jewish state, and it's the only Middle Eastern democracy where Christians, Muslims, atheists and Jews can all be elected to the same parliament," he said.

"Israel is Jewish and democratic, unlike most Islamic countries."