05/01/2017 2:34 PM AEDT | Updated 05/01/2017 5:06 PM AEDT

Red-Bellied Black Snake Scares Driver By Emerging From Car Bonnet

Nope, nope, nope.

Facenook/Mundoo Island Station
A red-bellied black snake has given a South Australian driver quite a fright.

Welcome to Australia, where pretty much everything tries to kill you while showing up in the weirdest spots possible just to give you the heebie-jeebies.

Case in point -- a South Australian driver has had the shock of their life while driving between Adelaide and Mundoo Island, south-east of the state's capital, when a red-bellied black snake emerged mid-journey from underneath the car's bonnet.

"Driving from Adelaide to Mundoo Island Station, 100km/h, with an hour still to drive, a snake popped up in front of me from under my bonnet. It scared the living daylights out of me," a Facebook post released on Tuesday reads.

"He stayed with us all the way and could not be coaxed out of the engine well."

The driver then contacted her husband who advised her to shut off the car's vents, according to the ABC.

"I knew I had an hour to drive so I was trying to nut out what do I do, what's the safest option... I thought do I stop, pull over?" she said.

"He disappeared and that's when I really started getting worried. I thought if I don't shut air vents and just shut everything off in the car, then he's going to get into the car."

The video comes after an eastern brown snake showed all of us Aussies that even snakes aren't safe from snakes in Australia and a python took on a wallaby on New Year's day.