04/01/2017 7:56 AM AEDT

The 10 Best Places To Work Abroad In 2017

Grab your briefcase... and your suitcase. 💼

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Aiming to make some major life moves in 2017? Consider this before you go. 

It’s a list of the 10 best places for expats to work abroad this year, as calculated in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. Along with market research firm YouGov, the financial services company polled more than 26,000 expats in over 100 countries about the best places to live and work based on earnings, job security, work-life balance and more.

Switzerland came out on top for the second year in a row, thanks to high salaries and an excellent work culture. Germany followed close behind, as expats say it’s especially easy to acquire new business skills and find secure jobs there.

Of course, there are many ways to get a quick taste of working abroad without committing to a permanent location change. But if you’re certain life abroad is for you, consider this your ultimate guide. HSBC’s 10 best places to work abroad for 2017 are: