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Two Sisters, So Much New Hair Inspiration

The Hadid pair have your 2017 hair sorted.

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One blonde, one brunette, both have really, really good hair.

As far as Hollywood siblings go, Bella and Gigi are it at the moment.

The Hadid sisters emerged onto the modelling scene a few years ago at the same time at their mum, Yolanda, starred on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In the years since they have both displayed impeccable style and also really, really nice hair. It's shiny, it's healthy and although one is blonde and the other brunette, they're equal in the strand stakes -- no sibling rivalry in that regard.

Here, a look at all the times their hair stole the show -- with a bit of fashion thrown in for good measure.

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Bella even manages to make bedhead look good.

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Bella's two braids into a high pony is everything.

Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
The sister's both wore their hair out and tousled for the Victoria Secret show in Paris in November.

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Bella is often spotted with braids. These are made super long with extensions.

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Gigi shows in the video that scraped back doesn't need to be wet-look.

And here's a still from the side:

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The sisters, at a fashion show in Milan, both look striking wioth super straight hair.

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On set for Dior, Bella wore a super high, super high ballerina bun. We dig it.

On the cover of Allure, Gigi showed off her natural texture.

GC Images
Bella's half-up-half-down is the perfect casual cool hairstyle.
Getty Images for Stuart Weitzman
Gigi shows how to do a sleek side part while Bella goes for another high bun.

Don't you hate it when you have to tighten your pony when working out, Gigi?

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It's blonde Bella like you've never seen her for Paper Magazine.

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Gigi's signature off-duty look is super long and casually side parted.
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Seems Bella is guilty of the old duck face when looking in the mirror, too.

Gigi sporting soft, smoothed waves for Vogue Japan.

Mac n Cheese

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Suits you, Bella.

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Love this sleek, center parted low bun.

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Bella wearing the cutest messy top know to match pal Kendall.

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More half-up-half-down goodness.

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No one does a dark fringe quite like Bella.

Even though it's a wig, Gigi kills this 90s throwback look.

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And here's Bella in a retro style for Moschino.

throwback 📽📽

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