05/01/2017 1:56 PM AEDT | Updated 05/01/2017 2:45 PM AEDT

Woman Unleashes Racist Rant In A Coles Store, Threatens Shoppers With Food Tin

The woman was caught telling other shoppers to "go back to your own country."

A woman has gone on a racist tirade in a Coles supermarket in Melbourne.
Bloomberg via Getty Images
A woman has gone on a racist tirade in a Coles supermarket in Melbourne.

A woman has been caught on camera on a racist tirade in a Coles supermarket in Melbourne, threatening shoppers with a food tin and abusing staff while they attempted to defuse the situation.

The video appears in a Facebook post that claims the woman's rant occurred in Melton in Melbourne's west and was sparked by two women of Sudanese appearance who she believed had pushed in front of her in the checkout line on Wednesday afternoon.

"I was here, I was here first... and this rude f---ing thing," the woman can be heard yelling in the video before pointing at two unseen shoppers and picking up what appears to be a Milo tin.

"I'll f---ing throw it at you c---... you f---ing go back to your own country you piece of f---ing s---."

The woman, who is accompanied by a young girl is eventually escorted away from the register by Coles staff at Woodgrove Shopping Centre, according to The Age.

The video appears on the 'Melton/Bacchus Marsh thumbs up, thumbs down' Facebook page, where the woman was given a thumbs down "for her language, racist taunts and disgusting attitude."

"I am horrified to think this thing may live in OUR town. This is not how we act in Melton. Shame on anyone who thinks her behaviour is acceptable," the post reads.

Many commenters on the Facebook post were appalled at the woman's behaviour, particularly while around a young child.

"This is absolutely disgraceful and vile behaviour. What an exceptional mother. I do hope you are proud of the way you acted and the perfect example you a setting for your child," one comment read.

"Man that poor kid looked like she was used to being around that."

Coles Australia told the Huffington Post Australia that, at this stage, it would not be making a comment on the incident.