05/01/2017 3:03 AM AEDT

You'll Miss Carrie Fisher Even More After Watching Ellen DeGeneres' Touching Tribute

Bob Riha Jr via Getty Images
American actresses Ellen Degeneres (left) and Carrie Fisher perform in a scene from an episode of the television show 'Ellen' at Disney Studios, Burbank, California, November 1, 1995. The episode, entitled 'The Movie Show' (directed by Robby Benson), was originally broadcast on November 21, 1995, Burbank, California, November 1, 1995. (Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)

Ellen DeGeneres is the latest star to share a touching tribute to the late Carrie Fisher, who died last Tuesday at age 60.

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” host DeGeneres ended with some heartfelt words about Fisher.

“I wanna say something about my friend, Carrie Fisher,” DeGeneres began. “I knew her for a long time. She has been on the show many times, and the last time was just a month ago. I loved when she was here. She made me laugh so hard. She was smart, she was funny, she was hilariously honest about herself and the world around her.”

The talk show host then played a video montage featuring some of Fisher’s best moments on the show, such as the time the two sold “Star Wars” tickets on the street and the time Fisher described Princess Leia as a “vague exotic smell” that followed her around.

DeGeneres ended by saying, “I miss you, Carrie. I love you.” 

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