06/01/2017 1:07 PM AEDT | Updated 06/01/2017 5:22 PM AEDT

Learn How To Navigate A Roundabout, Queenslanders

No seriously, 60 percent of you don't know, so here's the basics.

Shannon Morris / Fairfax Media
Don't get mad, get informed.

Drivers at Queensland roundabouts get it wrong 60 per cent of the time, so it's lucky they're a long way from unofficial roundabout capital Canberra.

Peak motoring body RACQ filmed two roundabouts in South East Queensland and upon reviewing the data, spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said one thing was obvious.

"It's clear most drivers just don't get it," Ritchie said.

"Indicating is the main means of communication between motorists and when you don't communicate well accidents can happen.

Daniel Pockett / Fairfax Media
Not sure whether to indicate? Pretty much you indicate to get on, then you indicate to get off.

"Worryingly, our study also found drivers were copying the behaviour of the car in front, even if they were indicating incorrectly."

They watched more than 800 cars pass through the i roundabouts in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast and Sunnybank in Brisbane.

So for Queenslanders who are unsure of the road rules, here are the roundabout basics.

Indicate before entering a roundabout if you're proceeding immediately left, going right or performing a u-turn.

As you leave the roundabout, indicate left.

Give way to anyone already in the roundabout.

Always go clockwise.

Stay in your lane.

As for the rest of Australians, this particular study didn't compare state by state, so you can remain smug for the time being.