Meet Fozzy The Fluffy French Bulldog

He has a rare long hair gene.

If you follow more animals on Instagram than you do humans, you might like to add this little guy to your list.

Fozzy is a French bulldog puppy, but he's a little different to the rest. Born to a specialised breeder in Cherry Valley, California, Fozzy has a unique gene which means he has a longer coat than that of a traditional Frenchie, which are short hair dogs.

Melissa, the owner of Cherry Valley Blue Frenchies as been breeding French bulldogs and English Mastiffs for 15 years. This is the first fuzzy Frenchie she's ever seen. Of course, being so cute, Fozzy now has his own Instagram account.

But enough of the words. Please, enjoy these pictures of contender for World's Cutest Puppy: