06/01/2017 4:38 AM AEDT

Grandma Finds Out She's Been Accidentally Praying To An 'LOTR' Elf

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A devout great-grandmother in Brazil recently had quite the religious revelation. 

It seems that the small figurine she believed to be Saint Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan preacher often portrayed holding a baby Jesus, was actually a beloved and wise “Lord of the Rings” character. 

Gabriela Brandão posted a few pictures on Facebook on Dec. 30 of what she called “the funniest discovery of 2016.” In the photos, she shows a statuette and explains: “My daughter’s great-grandmother prays to Saint Anthony every day.” A second photo gives viewers a “closer look” of the statuette, and a third photo reveals the statuette is of Elrond, the half-elven Lord of Rivendell, from the “LOTR” film trilogy, based on the books.

Several ebay listings suggest the Elrond statuette the grandma had is part of a Kinder Surprise “LOTR” set. 

Brandão spoke to Buzzfeed in Spanish about how the family broke the news to the devout great-grandmother. 

“We tried explaining it to her but at first she didn’t understand,” she told the site. “The next day we explained again, she understood and we got her a new image of Saint Anthony.”

As far as the popularity of her initial Facebook posts, Brandão said she “never expected any of this to happen; it’s crazy. But it’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me.” 

For the record, this is Saint Anthony of Padua: 

Godong via Getty Images

And this is Elrond, portrayed by actor Hugo Weaving in the films. 

7831 via Getty Images

At least she wasn’t praying to the ring that rules them all, right? 

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