08/01/2017 10:02 AM AEDT | Updated 08/01/2017 9:43 PM AEDT

One Nation Dumps Candidate Who Wants To Treat 'Gays As Patients'

Shan Ju Lin blamed internal divisions within the party for her dis-endorsement.

Asian One Nation candidate  Shan Ju Lin has been dumped by the Pauline Hanson-led party.
Asian One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin has been dumped by the Pauline Hanson-led party.

Dumped One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin has taken to Facebook to defend inflammatory comments she made on social media which led to her being dropped as a candidate in the Queensland state election.

As World Harmony Society president, Lin was pre-selected in December to contest Bundamba for the right-wing party, which is tipped to poll strongly at the state poll.

Lin was initially suspended on Friday before being dumped this weekend, after posting a series of homophobic posts on Facebook.

Earlier this week, Lin labeled LGBTI people "patients who need treatment" on her Facebook page in comments sparked by a news story.

"Abnormal sexual behaviour leads to abnormal crime. Gays should be treated as patients, they need to receive treatments," she wrote.

In that post, Lin shared a 2015 story about a same sex couple in the U.K. who faced court over allegations of rape. The accused couple were later cleared.

In a statement posted to Facebook on Sunday evening, Lin defended her post, saying it was "a natural reaction to child sexual abuse and reflects the horror of the community."

"When it was brought to my attention that the couple had been found not guilty in a court of law, the post was subsequently removed."

Lin also expressed her "complete surprise" at being dis-endorsed, implying that "internal issues" -- and in particular Pauline Hanson's Chief of Staff, James Ashby -- were behind the decision.

"One Nation has no policy to be adhered to on this issue except for that of a referendum on gay marriage whereby the community would have its say," she wrote in the post.

"The speed of the dis-endorsement decision – without any chance to defend myself – has also been remarkable.

"At no time have I been able to speak directly with Pauline Hanson and therefore I have not had the ability to check what has been related to her about the matter.

"All candidates are only able to contact her via her Chief of Staff Mr James Ashby, who then replies back on her behalf [...] I would suggest that the alleged issue was far more important to Mr Ashby than the membership or executive of One Nation."

Lin was reportedly warned by One Nation about her "denigrating" comments on Friday, but continued to post.

"Shan Ju, you have not heeded the warnings of the executive after your suspension less than 24hrs ago regarding 'gays should be treated as patients', and have continued to post denigrating remarks and stories to your Facebook page," NewsCorp reports Lin was told by the party.

"These are not the views shared by Pauline Hanson's One Nation, nor the views of your fellow candidates and the general public.

"Pauline Hanson has instructed me to inform you, effective immediately, you are no longer the endorsed candidate in the seat of Bundamba for Pauline Hanson's One Nation."

In Sunday's Facebook post, Shan Ju Lin said Pauline Hanson would continue to have her "wholehearted support", in spite of the dumping.

However, Pauline Hanson did not return the favour, instead releasing a statement on Sunday expressing her support for the dis-endorsement.

"I will not stand by and allow people to trash the Party or my name so I make no apologies for being tough on candidates," she said.

On Facebook, Lin has indicated she would continue to stand by her principles.

"Thanks for all supporters, no matter what happened, I will continue to hold the values that we are holding," she said.