9 Easy Ways To Beat Your Pesky Sugar Addiction

You'll notice the differences straight away.
It's about making small changes.
It's about making small changes.

If you think about the foods you crave most, the ones you would eat all day if you could, chances are it's something sugary. Ice cream, doughnuts, cake, chocolate, brownies, candy bars, lollies... the list goes on.

Sugar is addictive, and we are all proof of this. It takes a lot of willpower to say no to sweets and soft drink, let alone give them up entirely.

The World Health Organisation recommends that adults and children should reduce their daily intake of 'free sugars' (added sugar, or natural sugars without fibre) to five percent of their total energy intake.

In real life terms, that's roughly 25 grams (six teaspoons) per day. One small can of Coke contains 39 grams. That's more than you need in an entire day in one easily drinkable can.

Don't worry -- cutting down on your sugar intake is possible, and it's all about taking small steps.

Here are nine easy ways to reduce your sugar intake and beat that addiction once and for all.

Infographic by Budget Direct.