09/01/2017 9:48 AM AEDT | Updated 09/01/2017 11:40 AM AEDT

Guinness Bowls Record Accidentally Way Harder Than It Needs To Be

Cloncurry Bowls Club has a new legend, who didn't read the fine print.

Shayne Barwick  at the club he loves.
Facebook / Cloncurry Bowls Club
Shayne Barwick at the club he loves.

He's called it a "stupid bloody record", but Cloncurry Bowls Club regular Shayne Barwick is set to finish it all the same.

The cleaner and cook at the regional Queensland club decided to break the record for the longest-ever single bowls game, but in his excitement, he didn't read the Guinness Book of World Records fine print.

He saw the number 73 and thought that must be it. 73 hours. Turns out, 73 was the age of a man who did a similar record, but by then, he'd already announced he was going to do the full 73-hour stint.

"You seriously don't want to know what I thought when I realised," he told ABC news.

"I could have done 25 hours and it would have been a record. I went and opened my mouth, and now I've got to stick to it."

Barwick is currently 72 hours in and club member Ashley Pardon told The Huffington Post Australia he was struggling through the last hour.

"It's taken its toll on his body," Pardon told Huff Post Australia.

"He's been out there for days. There's a bit of a crowd here supporting and hedging him along. It's all about the community."

The record attempt is to raise money to provide cover for a new disability ramp and you can donate here.

Pardon's bowled through heat, unseasonal rain and long nights with no more than a 10-minute break every four hours.

"He might not want to speak to anyone when he's done," Pardon said.

He's set to finish 10am Brisbane time.