Reading In Poor Light Won't Damage Your Eyesight

Plus 9 other common beliefs that are totally untrue.
Ensure there is some light shining on the page.
Ensure there is some light shining on the page.

There are some things we are told when we're young that we take for gospel. Crossing your legs will give you varicose veins. Eating your crust will make your hair curly. Chicken soup fights a cold. While there is some truth to the last one -- some studies have shown that hot soup somehow slows your white blood cells, reducing the symptoms of your immune system. Pretty cool, huh!

Though sadly, many things we're commonly taught, particularly about health and well being, just don't stack up.

Take reading in poor light for example. While it can give you a headache and cause eyestrain, it's very unlikely to result in permanent damage.

For the truth on more health myths, check out the below infographic:

Infographic by unum.