09/01/2017 1:02 PM AEDT | Updated 09/01/2017 2:49 PM AEDT

Jimmy Fallon's Golden Globes Monologue Got Awkward After Teleprompter Fail

Things probably could’ve started out better during Jimmy Fallon’s 2017 Golden Globes monologue. For instance, he could’ve had a monologue.

After a star-studded opening musical number for the show, Fallon came out ready to redeem himself after all that Donald Trump hair-tousling with some rousing jokes made in “good fun.” Unfortunately, the teleprompter wanted to make America great again and stopped working.

Things got uncomfortable, fast.

Fallon did his best to stall, wondering aloud whether he should do impressions and suggesting that the camera should cut to Justin Timberlake. The host announced a new teleprompter was coming out, but it’s unclear when that actually happened, because the awkwardness kept going. 

What can save this? Uh ... time for Chris Rock impressions?

Sure. Why not?

The host did eventually get through the monologue, throwing some jabs at Donald Trump and the presidential election.

Good stuff, Jimmy. Now all you gotta do is bring it home with a good 2016 joke.

Nice ... well ... yeah. That happened.

It wasn’t the smoothest of monologues, but that’s not Fallon’s fault. The host came out and revealed there was a secret saboteur behind it all.

Not again! Darn you, Dick Clark Productions! Darn you to heck!