09/01/2017 9:02 AM AEDT | Updated 09/01/2017 12:58 PM AEDT

Two Sam Mitchells, A Facebook Search And A Beautiful New Year Love Story

Star-crossed Sams.

An innocent Facebook search for the name 'Sam Mitchell' has led to two strangers bound together by the same name spending New Year's Eve together in Tasmania.

It all started when 19-year-old Sam Mitchell from Tasmania plugged his name into Facebook, finding another Sam Mitchell from London and sent him a cheeky message.

"You may be wondering why I have sent you a friend request. I had to because we share the same name. Middle name as well. Good day sir," Aussie Sam wrote.

"Yeah, and what is stranger is that I've moved from the UK to Australia," English Sam replied. It's then that things began to escalate.

The pair continued to share some cheeky comments showing they obviously shared the same sense of humour, as well as the same name.

It was merely hours before Tassie Sam's brother suggested flying the other Sam to their hometown to spend NYE with them. And he agreed.

"So within 4 hours of knowing each other, Bradley Mitchell and friends have booked Sam Mitchell a flight to see Sam Mitchell," the imugur post reads.

The Tale of Two Sam Mitchell's/Imgur

What came next was a beautiful story of friendship, beer and banter. They played a bucket race, tasted jellybeans and even kissed on the New Year's Eve countdown.

According to The Daily Mail Australia when Tasmanian Sam was asked what the pair had in common, the immediate response was beer.

"We weren't sure what to think of each other. It wasn't until 20-odd minutes after we picked Sam up we realised we were going to get along just fine... made the next few days a bit more fun," he told the Daily Mail.

"[We] drank a few beers and got ready for New Year's Eve out on the town. And at midnight under the fireworks shared a kiss," he said.

Whoever says true love isn't real hasn't seen this.