07/01/2017 2:50 AM AEDT

This Is What Happens When You Get Two AIs To Talk To Each Other

Now this is a work of genius.

Someone called ‘seebotschat’ has made the excellent decision to put aside a not inconsiderable amount of their time and get two Google Home AI-powered speakers to talk to each other.

While we’re so used to saying ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Alexa’ or ‘Hey Siri’, very few have given these poor objects a chance to talk to each other.

Eric Risberg/AP
Google Home is a speaker that contains Google's own AI called Assistant.

So what happens when they don’t have to constantly tell people what the weather is like in Hong Kong or how many stars there are in the universe? 

Well it looks like they started talking about the meaning of life and have since descended into some form of romantic war of song lyrics where they just shoot phrases and bands back and forth to each other.

Occasionally they’ll go off topic and talk about something else like cheese or when we’ll live on Mars.

In many ways you have to give them some credit, it’s by far and away not the worst date chat we’ve ever heard and maybe they’ll find some common ground.

Anyway, if you’ve got 10mins to spare and the curiosity to find out what happens when two AIs meet then this is definitely the livestream for you.

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