10/01/2017 9:14 AM AEDT | Updated 10/01/2017 3:25 PM AEDT

Crazy Kayaker Plunges Into Waterfall In Queensland's Far North During Storms

And people aren't impressed.

A clearly insane kayaker from the United Kingdom has plunged down a swollen waterfall in Far North Queensland in a both daring and rather stupid stunt.

In a video posted to Facebook, you can see the kayaker go over the edge at Paronella Park waterfall. He then disappears leaving viewers shocked before emerging at the end.

Although the video is clearly a compelling watch, the timing of the stunt is questionable as Far North Queensland continues to battle unsavoury weather conditions.

According to website TropicNow, the man Chris Bucksey is an experienced kayaker and he claims he consulted with locals then evaluated the situation before making the plunge.

"We are very cautious and everything is based on a risk vs reward scale. The boys I paddled with today have been running the local rivers and creeks for years," he wrote on Facebook.

Naturally people are shocked by the video, posting their outrage in the comments of the video with many of them highlighting how awful things would have been if it had gone wrong.

The kayaker has hit back at critics and wants people to know it wasn't him that posted the video in the first place but a bystander who happened to be watching on.

"Thing is, it is entertaining, and if he had not come back up the SES and emergency services would be out looking for his body now risking their own lives. So, not a lot of thought for others going on here," one concerned Facebook user wrote on the video.

"We had safety set up. We had paddled 2 rivers over the course of 2 days. 3 of us ran this drop twice that day. This was my 1st run. I styled it the 2nd time round," Bucksey wrote in response.

"Life for me is measure by risk vs reward. For me the risk was low and the reward was HUGE. Hope this changes your perspective on kayakers. we are adrenaline seekers, not attention seekers," he added.

Last Thursday a body was found in the search for a 60-year-old man that was swept away in floodwaters in Far North Queensland.

On Monday a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the area by The Bureau of Meteorology. It has since been downgraded but several flood warnings still remain in place.

As the area continues to battle extreme weather conditions, it can be determined that although it sounds like the kayaker was experienced. It may not have been the safest idea.