Stray Kitten Saved From Dumpster By Melbourne Firies

Get well, Brian the kitten.

In yet another win for the start of 2017, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Melbourne has managed to save a stray kitten that got itself stuck in a dumpster.

The firies were called to Melbourne's Keilor Park around 11am on Monday, after RSPCA officers were unable to free the little cat.

With the help of some olive oil, the firies came to the rescue and managed to free the adorable stray kitten and bring it back to safety.

"The kitten had to be sedated and covered in olive oil before firefighters could slowly pull the animal from the pipe at the bottom of the bin," the Metropolitan Fire Brigade said.

"The kitten was tired and dehydrated and has been taken to the vet for a check-up.

"Firefighters have nicknamed the kitten Brian after the firey who kept the kitten calm during the rescue," they added. Isn't that beautiful.