Woman Wears Chewbacca Mask While In Labour, Tells People To Never Take Life Too Seriously

A woman decided to wear a Chewbacca mask while she was in labour so her painful screams sounded like the Wookie language from ‘Star Wars’.

Katie Stricker Curtis, from Detroit, US, shared a video of herself on 2 January laying on the hospital bed while she was having contractions.

In the 12-second clip, Curtis can be seen holding her belly and leaning over in pain, while her cries sound like Shyriiwook from the film.

“Just because I’m about to be a mum doesn’t mean I have to grow up,” she wrote on Facebook. “Bwahahahahs never take life too seriously.”

Curtis’ clip has been viewed nearly 100,000 times in seven days, with more than 200 shares.

It hasn’t quite reached the popularity of Candace Payne, whose Facebook live video of her wearing a Chewbacca mask racked up as astonishing 165 million views.

Curtis has a way to go to beat that milestone.