11/01/2017 7:35 AM AEDT | Updated 11/01/2017 11:58 AM AEDT

A Small WA Council's Video About Laying Bitumen Has Gone Viral

The video is strangely therapeutic.

Watching a road being laid doesn't sound like something of interest to a wide range of people, right? Well the 14 million views on a video posted by a WA council might just prove us wrong on this one.

It all began when the Shire of Moora in Western Australia posted a video on Facebook showing drone footage of how a road is surfaced, thinking a few people might be interested.

The video has since been viewed over 14 million times, has 96,000 likes and been shared over 365,000 times. According to the town's website, the population is only about 2,800.

The clip was posted on December 14 and the Shire of Moora's chief executive Alan Leeson was pretty stoked when it got 5,000 views before Christmas. That was just the beginning.

"We had a lot of views by Christmas, might have been about 5,000 which we thought, 'Geez that's a lot', but around New Year it just took off," Leeson told WA today.

"We thought, 'Oh we've been hacked', but it's all been checked out," Leeson added. It seems people found the topic extremely interesting, it's not something you see everyday.

The video is shot by a drone and it shows a 4.9km section of road being laid as part of a $443,00 upgrade.

Leeson told WA Today that the council purchased the drone with the intention that it to be used to create videos to promote the area. They've certainly achieved that.

"Finishing touches were recently accomplished on the $443,000 upgrade to Airstrip Road. Funded through Roads to Recovery Funding Program," their Facebook post reads.

"A great job by our road works crew and Trevor Longman with the Shires drone for the footage. A total of 4.9kms were completed over a two day period."

"Have you ever seen how a road is bituminised?" the post also asks. Well, now it seems a massive number of people are in the know.