10/01/2017 4:59 AM AEDT | Updated 11/01/2017 2:33 AM AEDT

This Is How Runners Make The Exercise Look So Easy

It's all in your form.

Calling all beginners! 

Runners may make their strides look effortless, but there’s much more to the technique than you might notice. 

“It’s all about form,” Ryan McCann, a personal trainer and instructor at the fitness class Mile High Run Club, told The Huffington Post.

If you’d like to become a better, faster and stronger runner, there’s a correct way to do it. It involves engaging multiple muscle groups as you run, from your chest to your core, according to McCann. It also includes warming up.

“Warm up is important ... to prevent injury but also to prepare your muscles for what’s to come: The stress that is the workout,” he said. “So you need to be mindful of warming up all of the muscles that you’re going to utilize in the exercise. Your shoulders to your chest, your core, back, arms, quads, calves ― everything.”

Take a look at the video above to learn more about the proper running form. And once you’ve mastered it, try these tricks to help you reach your mileage goal. It’ll pay off: Research shows running helps your mind and body.

You’ve got this.