11/01/2017 5:17 AM AEDT | Updated 11/01/2017 5:25 AM AEDT

The 22 Most Outrageous Looks From London Men's Fashion Week

London Fashion Week Men’s wrapped Monday, the end of an exhilarating four days of bold designs, oversized everything and even more athleisure. Like any other fashion week, some of the outfits that made it down the runway were simply outrageous and totally unwearable.

The Sibling show made us pause with a red-and-blue getup that looked ever-so-uncomfortable, while Christopher Raeburn’s camo-clad bags made us wonder just how many things one human could (and should carry) on their person. Vivienne Westwood’s colorful creations left us wondering if we’re supposed to be wearing more headpieces and face scarves, which also popped up on quite a few designers’ runways this season. 

Take a peek at the 22 most outrageous looks we saw in London and leave your thoughts in the comments below: