11/01/2017 9:25 AM AEDT | Updated 11/01/2017 2:51 PM AEDT

The Title Of Sussan Ley's Newsletter Is Really Awkward Now

The 'Farrer Flier' has a picture of her piloting a plane on the front.

Sussan Ley's electorate newsletter

We're now a solid week into controversies over health minister Sussan Ley and her travels on the public purse. The Herald Sun has been leading coverage on this, revealing the Member for Farrer had bought a Gold Coast apartment while on a taxpayer funded trip. This initial thread led to further revelations that her husband had a business close by, that the apartment was purchased from a Liberal Party donor, that she had also claimed a massive amount of money on a trip to the USA, and Wednesday's report in Fairfax Media that she had claimed $13,000 after choosing to fly herself around in a private plane rather than take inexpensive commercial options.

In the wake of the latest story, it was perhaps a little awkward, then, when we found out that her electorate newsletter is called the Farrer Flier. And that it has a picture of her piloting a plane on the front.

Twitter user Daniel pointed it out to us on Tuesday night. A quick check of Ley's website shows, yep, it's legit. Her regular newsletter, sent out to constituents in her electorate of Farrer, is called the Flier; obviously a take on "flyer", the term for a leaflet or promotional material, and a reference to Ley's status as a licensed pilot.


Yes, that's Ley in the cockpit of a light plane.