Cadbury Dairy Milk And Oreo Cookies Had A Baby

Welcome to the world, Cadbury Oreo Easter Eggs.
Oh Oreos, what can't you do?
Oh Oreos, what can't you do?

Move over, Cadbury Creme Egg. This Easter, the iconic Aussie chocolate brand has created what is possibly their best and most sickly collaboration yet -- the Cadbury Oreo Easter Egg.

Featuring a Cadbury Dairy Milk eggshell, the inside is filled with vanilla flavoured creme and Oreo biscuit pieces. Imagine having one with a glass of cold milk.

It's the first time the world's number one cookie will be available in an Easter Egg in Australia and New Zealand, with Canada having a similar (though less gooey) product available in the past.

Being early January, they are in stores already, obviously.

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Soooo gooey!